Airtel Unlimited 3G Plan for Rs 11 At 7.2 Mbps


Sorry to tell but this plan has been removed by Airtel on last few days, reported to me by Himanshu (See comments). So no more games to be played with high speed internet. Alternative is Idea's similar plan with unlimited internet for short time. Review coming soon.
Hello friends I am back with a new Internet Pack post and I am sorry for not being active these days because of my final exams. As we all know Airtel, Vodafone and other leading companies are actively promoting their 3G services and the number of 3G users are also actively increasing. 3G or 3rd Generation internet provides very high downloading speeds at reasonable price. But we live in India, Here money is just a piece of paper for some but a thing of necessity for others. If we look the recent changes in telecom services, there is a huge decline in the amount of service offered for the money spent. I am talking about the clash in data cap provided by the telecom companies, as they used to give 2 GB of Internet for Rs 90+ but now they give only 650 or such MB which is a big problem for the people like me who use Mobile Internet.

Now let me take you to the point. A normal Internet user likes downloading. Oh wait, a Internet user like me thinks of downloading Infinite data from Internet as the list of things to download is never ending. And if the downloading speed is 600 KBPS+ then its a complete situation for heaven feeling. 

So do you want to download loads of shit at damn high speeds for mere 11 Rupees? Then here is the list of things you need to complete the elite downloading experience!
  • A place to stand or sit where 3G connectivity for Airtel is perfect. Remember, more the signals, the higher you can achieve the speed of download.
  • A 3G device with at least 3.2 Mbps connectivity and of course 7.2 Mbps is preferred because this plan is of 7.2 Mbps which means you can get download speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 5.2 Mbps which is equivalent to 300 KBPS to 600 KBPS (as per my real world tests )
  • Balance of minimum Rs 11 in your mobile handset or device's SIM card

Now here is the official quote from Airtel about the 3G Internet plan

Get 30 Mins of 3G Internet for just Rs 11 for 1 day

Don’t worry I have made perfect plan for making the really fucking most out of your 11 Rs spent. If you want to live geek life then you need to think in different way. You think that 30 Mins of Internet is useless. And I think that downloading 400 MB of data within 30 minutes for just mere Rs 11 is fuking awesome deal.
And don’t get confused between 1 day and 30 mins of duration. Here is how it works.

After you activate this plan, you have one complete day to use Internet for a total of 30 mins. For example if you activate this plan on today morning at 8:00 AM, then you can either use it for direct 30 minutes non-stop till 8:30 AM, or five minutes after activating, disconnect and then after some hours use the Internet again for remaining 25 minutes.

How to activate this Plan

  • Dial *121*11# and wait for some seconds. After some time a message will show up on screen, simply exit that message as the message next after it is the main message, its just a confirmation message.
  • Now reply with 2 For selecting 3G
  • Now reply with 1 to browse 3G plans
  • Now reply with 7 to go to next plan
  • Reply again with 7 to go to next plan

And now you shall have reached what you need. Reply with 1 to activate the plan and then again reply with 1 to confirm that you are really wanting for this plan to be activated on your number.
You shall get a message saying that your plan will be activated within 4 hours but in actual you will get the activation confirmation message after 2-3 minutes.
Now you have 30 minutes of fast 3G internet that can be used within one day. Enjoy!

MUST READ Below to make the most out of this Internet plan:

For Smartphone users: If you are thinking of using this plan in parts but not continuously, then turn off internet connectivity just after using Internet as nowadays smartphones use always-on internet connectivity which can waste your plan’s worth. Either use the plan immediately completely or don’t forget to turn off data connectivity.
For PC users:  Use this plan for purpose of just downloading, as surfing Internet will be of no sense as this is meant just for downloading Purpose. Use IDM(Internet Downloading Manager) for max download speeds and make a queue in IDM so that you can save precious seconds for downloading more data.

To make a queue in IDM just follow these steps:
(It is recommended that you do the steps below using any other internet plan like Rs 5 plan as you just need to start the download for 2 seconds and then make a list)

Initiate a download in IDM and when the download starting message appears, click on download later and then click on OK.

Do the same for all other files as you can later download at least 200 MB of data using Rs 11 plan within minutes)

Now go to IDM and select all the files that need to be downloaded and then right click and then select “Move to Queue” option and then select create new queue. Now specify any name for the queue.
In the new window just opened, you can select the position of the files to be downloaded and when you are done, Activate the plan now and select start queue.

Now sit back and relax. For best results, download files from servers that support resume feature.

Thank you for reading and please share this post if you liked the my creative idea of downloading more, quickly by spending less money.

A Glimpse of my data usage on this plan

So, you saw right. I downloaded 830 MB of data in just 29 minutes and 46 seconds for just 11Rs


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