How to Activate GPRS on Airtel 2G

Airtel is one of the leaders in the telecommunication market with no signs of loss. Every 6 out of 10 Mobile users in India will have Airtel connection active in their mobile. This is due to the trust and quality of the service. Many people from India still use Internet via mobile phones and if they need to run internet on their PC, they will use their phone as modem. Not because Broadband Connection is too main-stream but because of the affordability of a GPRS internet. There is no internet connection cheaper than a Dial-Up based EDGE or GPRS connection. 3G is still ye to be established in developing country like India. Airtel offers affordable GPRS packs for mobile users who are using 2G connection.

Update: Please check our new post for Latest Airtel 2G Internet Plans!

The following internet packs are available on Airtel 2G. Below is a Chart showing the Price, Validity and Data cap of various plans to choose from.

Airtel GPRS Plans
Please Note: The information above was that of Delhi/NCR Circle and last tested on 20/Aug/2012
P.S. If you are living in area where Aircel 3G is available, please have a look of its plans which are extremely affordable.

Aircel Unlimited 3g Plans

The above internet packs can be activated in three ways:
  • By E-recharge
  • By Service Codes

How to activate internet by using E-Recharge

E-Recharge is also known as Flexi. I have tried three plans using E-Recharge. There is no guarantee of other plans as they need to be activated using a different method that I will tell you later in this post. The following plans can be activated using  E-Recharge:

18 Rs/- 200 MB 3 Days
98 Rs/- 1 GB 30 Days
149 Rs/- 2 GB 30 Days

So to activate the respective internet pack, just ask the retailer for the respective recharge amount and the internet will get activated instantly just after the recharge.

How to activate Internet from the mobile balance

Yes, you can activate internet from your existing mobile balance too. This means, suppose your mobile balance is 100 Rs/- You can activate any internet plan that is cheaper than 100 Rs/-. For example the pack of 98 Rs or lower. You may refer the above chart for the details of packs.

Now if you have sufficient balance, and are interested in activating internet from mobile, follow these steps:
  • First of all dial *567# From Your Airtel Mobile.
  • If you want to activate the 98 Rs/- plan then reply with 3. After replying, it will ask for confirmation, Now reply with 1 to activate the 98 Rs/- Plan. After some minutes the internet plan will get activated so wait for confirmation first if you don't want to lose your credits.
  • If you want to activate any other plan (Not 98 Rs/- ) then Dial *567# and reply with 1 to retrieve information of other packs. The information you will get is same as you have seen in the chart above. Now to activate these packs, reply with their respective numbers and confirm.

How to get GPRS settings?

To get GPRS settings for your phone, just send ans SMS with MO without quotes to 54321. After some time you will receive an SMS and settings automatically, apply these settings and then use Internet. If you are facing any problem the call Customer Care and ask them to send internet settings. you can call to customer care number 198
Bonus Internet pack: There is a small internet pack available that has been shifted from the *567# list. I am talking about the 50 MB pack, it is still available. The plan is 50 MB GPRS data for 5 Rs/- and valid upto Midnight (12:00 AM). The plan is useful if you want to use internet on your phone but you need just a small amount of data for checking urgent mails or something like that. The bad thing about this plan is that its validity is very low and depends on time of activation. This means, that if you activate this plan in morning, it will end in midnight, but on the other hand if you activate the same plan on evening,it will end in midnight. So I recommend to activate this plan in morning time.

To activate this plan:
  • Dial *222# From your Airtel mobile
  • Reply with 6 and confirm with one
  • Enjoy this Tiny plan for testing and emergency purposes.
To check the amount of Data remaining, just dial *123*10# . It will show you the amount of MB's remaining.

What will happen if I activate one more internet pack, when one is already active?

In This case, both the plans will remain active upto the given time period. You can activate upto four internet plans at once. I have not tried more though.

So If you find any difficulty in activating any plan, just comment or contact me. I will try to reply your queries ASAP. Thanks fr reading and welcome for sharing.


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