Google Introduces Android Studio: App Development Made Easier

As we all know, Android is today's most powerful and popular OS of portable devices. Thousands of Apps are available on Play Store and more are in development. Also, It has also emerged as quite a powerful OS for Application Development. As Android Apps are based on Java, most developers feel at home. But every developer need an IDE [Integrated Development Environment] to work upon, and this is where the  backlog comes.
      The only IDE for Android App Development was Eclipse, with the ADT [Android Development Tools] plugin provides in the "Android SDK" [Software Development Kit]. But, it was laggy as hell, gave too many unpredictable errors and was quite difficult to handle for budding developers.
Eclipse with the ADT plugin
So, to solve this big problem, Google introduced Android Studio [Preview for Now] at its annual "Google IO" Conference 2013.
Android Studio
From the above posted pics, we can very well see the difference. Android Studio is much more comprehensive and full blown IDE for App development. The main difference b/w ADT and Studio is that Android Studio is based on the well-known "IntelliJ IDEA", which is an ideal and stable IDE for Java. While, ADT is just some plugin for Eclipse, which, though good enough, is an unstable open-source Java IDE.

For now, Android Studio is just a "Preview Access" and has some bugs, but in the distant future, it WILL be the main IDE for Android App Development.

You may experience some problems while setting-up Android Studio. But don't worry, just refer to this excellent  post on XDA-Developers forum by user "lolrenx" [Link].

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