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Internet is your first gateway for unlimited and never ending source of information. Starting a research is ted easy now and you are just few clicks away from getting useful resource. As I said, starting a research is easy, but ending it isn't. The only thing that disturbs you is time, the thing which can't be purchased from Play Store App Store. So organizing stuff and removing clutter is a must for now. To accompany you with removing clutter and saving your precious time, I have come up with some useful apps that can help you. As we all know that reading all the stuff simultaneously is not possible for all, these little tips will help you for sure.

The web in your Pocket

Pocket LogoPocket, which was known earlier as Read It Later is the best in class web-based application for organizing your readable stuff. Its very easy to use, fast to work and fun to play. No matter how fast, organized and slick a website, but the article of that website when rendered with Pocket will feel best for the purpose of readability.

As soon as you install pocket and read this article with the same, you will enjoy reading. Pocket is available almost everywhere and works everywhere. You can save articles, links, tweets, pics and lots other awesome stuff with one single click. To get started with pocket, you need to make an account which is absolutely free and takes less than a minute. So let's setup pocket in your browser. Firstly, Sign Up for a free Pocket Account using the link given:
Signup For Pocket

After signing up, just login to your account and you are almost done. Now you need some easy ways to feed content to it. So to help you with this, Pocket has officially developed extensions, apps and bookmarklet so that you can add content quickly and also read them on your favorite devices. Visit the link below and you will find all the link to all the apps related to pocket.

Download Apps and Extensions for Pocket
You can also use direct download link to these pages:

This all was about getting things started, now what about experience?
As I said earlier that the interface and the functioning of this site is so smooth and robust that you will forget the list which I am telling about. For a test drive, I have a sample article for you.
Firstly login to your pocket account and then open this article:
After opening the link you will feel how easy, smooth and hassle free is to read articles in Pocket. So what are you waiting for, just start using pocket and enjoy millions of articles on web in a neat and clean way.

Want Something Else?

I understand your problem, you want is something better that this for free!
There is a one more recommendation from my side and the task of that application is to help you to read saved articles offline!
This one is equally awesome but the interface is not comparable with the pocket's one!
The application is Read Later Fast ( and Pocket was Read it later ). So here is the link of the application.

Download Read Later Fast for Chrome
As I have told you, this app is accessible even offline too, so no need to worry about Internet connectivity if you are using a dial-up modem.

To start using this application, open any article page and then right click on the free space of the article. You will see and option of Read later with a red ribbon. Just click that icon and the article will be ready to served by the application. Now open the application from the apps page of your Chrome.

On the left side you will see your saved articles and on the left dashboard, you can switch between Unread articles and the Archived ones. And yes that gear icon on the top is for preferences where you can have settings for syncing your articles via a diigo account and more.

Even More lazy?

Chrome 3D logo
If you are even more lazy than I thought then I have the last method for you to and that is to save digital copies of webpages which can be read more naturally as being a PDF document.
If you are a Chrome user, then you can easily print articles to PDF, its what Chrome does, Print article to PDF. Well anyway, it is completely like saving an webpage to PDF. No installation required and easy to use.

To save a webpage as PDF, Press CTRL+P in Chrome and in the left side bar, you will see Destination, click on Change and then select, Save As PDF

Save as PDF in Chrome

Save as PDF in Chrome

Now the destination will be changed and you can click on the Save and after doing so, Chrome will ask you for the location save PDF File. Voila, you got the file and it works offline. 

A webpage with some 2-3 images and 600 words text is saved a 10 MB file which makes no sense at all, but if storage is not the problem then you can adapt this method.

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