Best Airtel 3G and 2G Plan - June 2013

The best of Airtel Internet plans for 2G and 3G are here. We all know that Airtel has been providing the Internet access to us using 2G from many years back. Now the speed is little compromised with the 2G network, but do you know what, the 3G signals are ruling the match. Airtel has best 3G network as for my network circle ( Delhi & NCR )

Many of us are felling nostalgic about the latest changes in the 2G internet plans which seem to be halved keeping the price same. Remember the Rs 98 plan in which you earlier got 2 GB of data, now you only get 600 MB of data for the same price which is three times lesser than previous value. And the same happens with many plans like the Rs 5 Internet plan which gave 50 MB earlier and now giving just 30 MB. And one more to be noticed is the Rs 18 plan which gave 200 MB earlier and so on.

Now coming to the solution to this epic problem, I have come up with a useful plan.
For 2G, its about half the price and data is doubled.

The best 2G data plan, as for now is the Rs 60 plan which is a awesome deal. Here are the details of this plan.

Rs 60 gets deducted from your internal balance and you get 1024 MB of Internet usage including upload, download and surfing for 14 Days. Why this plan is awesome? If you double up the price, you will have 120 Rs and for that amount you will get 2 GB of Internet data for 28 days.

Meanwhile you will remember that a plan is available of Rs 125 which is giving just 1 GB of data. So for spending Rs 5 lesser the actual amount you are getting double the original data. :-)

How to activate this plan

The price of this plan is Rs 60 for Delhi & NCR circle. A note to users is that this plan can NOT be activated by a e-recharge or what you call, Flexi. To activate this plan, here is the procedure:

Maintain a balance of Rs 60 in your SIM. If you have zero balance and are looking for a perfect recharge, then proceed as follows. Recharge your Airtel number with Rs 60, and after that you will get Rs 50.40
but you need Rs 60 for the Internet pack to be activated, so again recharge with Rs 30 and you shall get Rs 23.

So after spending Rs 60+30, you will get Rs 50.40+23 = Rs 73.40
You can also say that you have Rs 60 + Rs 13.40 in your balance.

Now I will quickly show you how to activate the Rs 60 2G plan of 1 GB.

  • Dial *121*8# 
  • After dialing the code, you will get a message that tells you that your command is accepted. Just exit that message and wait for a while to let the next message appear.
  • Now the new message will show you different plans grouped into categories.
  • Select More Internet plans and then in that list you will get the plan that you wanted as per our plan.
  • Reply with 5
  • Reply with 1 to confirm the activation of this plan.
  • wait for confirmation and enjoy double data internet for half price.

3G is also rocking

Please Note:  This plan has been removed recently by Airtel.

As I told you that I will let you know the best 3G plan, it is here. Most of us think that 3G is very, costly as high as fcuk. But this is not the case, if you think differently then you can achieve the best internet plan of the world. I am not joking, I have downloaded 900 MB of data in just 29 Minutes for just Rs 11.

I am not trolling you, I have done this thing without any trick, without any hacking and other illegal things.

The plan is Unlimited 3G Internet usage @ 7.2 Mbps speed for just Rs 11. But there is a little problem, this heaven like situation continues for just 30 minutes. But hey, isn't that enough time to download a full length movie in high quality?

You can find all the necessary details and activation procedure using the link below:
Airtel Unlimited 3G Plan for Rs 11 At 7.2 Mbps


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