Alert: Airtel Giving 3G speeds on 2G Internet Packs

Update: Hope, you enjoyed the time this offer was active. Now go back to your old house as this time has vanished. Goodbye 3G and welcome-back 2G
Hello friends, this is a post after a very very long time. If you are an Airtel user, you might be aware of the amazing 3G plan that it launched some months back and it was sadly, discontinued some days back. I reported about the plan, its usefulness and the benefits with its benchmarks earlier but now forget it, its not of any existence now.

Now here comes the anti-depressant good news. 

You might know that we can use 3G network on 2G plan. It was of no use because we got the same 2G speeds with a slight speed increase which was not enough to be mentioned. But here comes the good news.

People like me are getting 7.2 Mbps 3G speed at the price of 2G internet pack. You must be seeking for the  instruction, huh? So here are the steps to enjoy Lamborghini at Nano's price :-)
  • Make sure that 3G is activated on your number. To activate 3G, simply send a SMS to 121 with body 3G
  • Now when 3G is activated, activate any 2G internet pack.
  • Switch to 3G network on your mobile device or USB Modem 
  • Enjoy
Airtel 3G Internet Speed
Download Speed of Airtel 3G

It is that easy to enjoy high speed internet at the budget. The best Internet plan acc. to me is the Rs 60 1 GB 14 Days plan for Airtel 2G, or better say 3G now.
Details and activation procedure for that plan is given at the link understated.


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