Direct Download .APK Files From Google Play Store

Google Play, the app store for Android devices hosts huge amount of applications developed for Android Platform.But to download these apps you need multiple things simultaneously like and Android Device, Google ID and Internet Connectivity. But this is not always possible to arrange all at once, like one phone doesn't has Play Store then he has last option to install android apps directly by .APK files. Though there are alternatives but these are either too time wasting or hard to implement ( Real APK leecher) or contain harmful malwares ( Downloading .apk files from torrent, warez sites etc)

To tackle this problem, a app developer has come up with a very good solution for downloading Android apps in .apk format directly from Google Play Store. So all you need is an Internet connection and a device on which the apk file is to be downloaded. So here it is:

EVOZI APK Downloader

So, all you need to do is collect the URL of the android app you want to download, you can Google that anytime.
Now copy the URL and paste it in the "Package name or Google Play URL"

Wait for few seconds and your download will be available. You can also download apps that are country restricted or on the devices that are missing Google Play Store App.

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