About Us

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Ptmaroct, a technology blog is run by two youngsters named Anuj Sharma (Founder) and Vidit Mathur (Co-Editor). Started in year 2008 as a hobby by Anuj Sharma, went into serious addiction lately after year 2011 which seemed as one of the successful and motivating years to continue its development.
In this blog I post about all technology related stuff that I gather from Internet or sometimes myself using my own skills.

About the blog

This blog, running on Blogger platform by Google, got its top level domain (TLD) on 4 July, 2012, can be recalled as its birthday too. Since I am a teenager, I did not have any credit card to get this domain from GoDaddy, instead, a kind hearted person name Vishwjeet Narayanan after seeing my condition. Previously this blog was running on blogspot domain www.ptmaroct.blogspot.com, but after adding the domain, my good luck got alive and the blog started getting good organic traffic from Google. 
About the content, You will find that I and my partner post mostly about computer tricks and tips because we follow our motto to let people know what we know.

If you want to help us grow, then it is my heartfelt request to you that you should share our articles whenever you think they helped you.

About the Admin

As you might already know, I am Anuj Sharma, the admin of this blog. I am near-about 17(Will completely become on 26 August) and a 12th class Science Student, as I need to become a Computer Engineer by passion and profession. I love sharing technology and its uses with like-minded people and I love to learn new random things, myself. 
My day passes in front of my computer screen and that's where I grow up and live. My day starts with my GMail account and my Twitter interactions, then Facebook notifications and finally Blogger stats.
whenever I think, I have got some hours free, then I start drafting a new post. As a fact, this blog has 4x draft posts than published post. I use Internet on my PC via a USB Dongle by Micromax which supports all SIM cards at 7.2 Mbps 3G without any unlocking. Without my PC, there would be nothing like Ptmaroct and my tech skills would go wasted and rather not started. Here are my PC specs:
Processor - Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700 3.0 GHz with +20% Overclock ability(Awesome)
RAM - 2GB Kingston DDR3 (I am good with this only )
HDD - Western Digital Blue 320 GB @ 7200 RPM
Mother Board - Asus P5 G41-TMLX3 (Awesome)
Monitor - Acer 15.6" LED Monitor (Awesome)
Speakers -Beetel 2.1 2600 Watts ( Blasting )

Now let me introduce you to our newly joined editor, named Vidit Mathur

About Vidit Mathur

10th standard from India. I am a total techno psycho and am always in new PC tricks, optimization, formatting and blah, blah. I like to explore the web & dig out the best stuff to share. Geeky ideas, new PC rigs: That's what I'm all about.Here are my PC's Specs:
Processor - Intel core i7 Quad Core 3.6 GHz
Graphics Card - NVIDIA GTX 680
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8 GB
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Chassis -  Corsair eVo.

That's all about our team. If you want to join us then drop me an email at admin@ptmaroct.com and I will shortly get in touch with you!

Anuj Sharma