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Dropbox is the best cloud hosting as per my needs and uses. As a blogger I use it many times for its cool hot-linking feature. Not only this Dropbox is easy to use and the application is available for all major Mobile Devices and OS. But the 2GB basic plan is not so good and is quite small. But have you ever thought you can claim free extra space for your Dropbox! but the question comes in our mind, that how much can we earn free space. In this post I will introduce you two ways to increase your current Dropbox space. One by referrals and the other by making a good relation with your Box!Yes it seems different but its cool and useful.

Important: If you have not yet joined Dropbox, Join now and get free 500 Extra Space by using the below Sign Up Link.Please not that you will get extra space only using the link below and after installing the Dropbox app on your PC

Join Dropbox Now

Now after signing Up you will be asked to install the dropbox app for your device, just do it. It takes a little time and you will be rewarded by free 500 MB.

So done now you have 2GB + 500 MB = 2.5 GB. So do you need more! no problem lets have more space.
After joining Dropbox please go to the link and complete any 5 steps.
After any 5 steps are completed, you will be rewarded with extra 250 MB :-)

Now after this you will have 2.5 GB + 250 MB = 2.75 GB.I know you want more, so lets have more.Now you will expand you Dropbox space by making more strong relationships with dropbox. Yes its true.
For every step you do in favor of Dropbox, You will be given extra 125 MB.

Firstly go to and link you Twitter and Facebook accounts.For this you will be given 125 MB + 125MB = 250 MB.
You can also share your love to dropbox by giving a short Feedback within 90 alphas.Done now you will get 125 MB.After giving feedback, you will be allowed to tweet the same feedback giving you   125 MB again. So after this all you will given 125 MB X 5 = 625 MB. Woah!!

So now you have 2.75GB + .6 GB = 3441 MB. Dafuq, within 10 minutes you got 1.5 extra GB.

I know that you want even more free space.No Problem. There is a last step which can make your dropbox up-to 16 GB for free. Winder How!!
I am talking about refer a friend option of Dropbox. If you refer a friend and he/she joins* you BOTH will get extra 500 MB.So if a person is aggressive and doesn't uses referral links, tell him/her about the both party free space and you both will get space. there is a current limit of 16 GB per free account. Now don't say that its is too small.
Visit this link to invite your friends

Terms:The both parties will get extra space once the referred user has joined, Installed Dropbox in his/her PC.So don't get angry if you do not get that free 500 MB and try to tell the referred person to install Dropbox on his/her PC.

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