Fix Windows 8 Shutdown Error

If you installed Windows 8 Release Preview on your Computer, you may notice the the shutdown bug. The bug is That only your OS is shutting down , but still the power is on. This can become a problem with laptop users, as it will consume battery slowly if not turned off completely.

Not only this, in my case, my PC throws up the error dialog "Winlogon.exe - No disk on drive D:\ "
So as to shut down my PC, I had to press continue three-four times.
But not now, I have found a way to fix this bug. this problem occurs due to a feature enabled in the OS by default. The feature is "Fast Startup" which is enabled by default. basically the use of this feature is to make your PC boot faster , but whats the use if it throws up errors and waste battery. If you disable this feature, you will automatically fix both above errors. Also it wont affect your boot Speed so I recommend you to disable this feaure, even if no problems are found.

To Disable this feature, Goto Start page and search for "Power Button Settings" and then Click on "Change what the power buttons do"

Now click on "Change settings that are currently available"

And now finally Un Check turn on fast startup

Now click on save and bug fixed :-)