Get 2.5GB Vodafone 2G Internet @ Rs.130

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Update: Please note that you may get 250 MB of GPRS data instead of 500 MB. I have tried to confirm it but it keeps in changing, giving some time 500 MB of data and sometime 250 MB. I take no responsibility of this issue so I have warned you.
(This internet plan is tried on Delhi/NCR circle and is meant for Vodafone 2G network only)

Hello friends, today I am sharing a very cool tip to get 2.5GB Vodafone Internet only for Rs. 130 per month. Usually you get a mere 1 GB of GPRS Data for Rs. 100 per month. And that 1 GB is easily ended by people like me in just 10 days or less. This becomes a cause of waste of money and you plan to buy an broadband connection.
But suddenly a wild post on Ptmaroct's Blog appears that doubles the data cap for adding just Rs. 30 extra.

Now first let me explain you how is this possible ( this is not a cheating trick based on proxies ).
A Month has 30 days probably, now we divide these days by 6, surely we will get 5.

Now the final procedure on how it works:-
In Vodafone 2G, there is a Internet Plan which is as of Rs. 26/6 days/500 MB data.
Do this recharge whenever your data ends up or the time period either. You need to do this recharge only when you need Internet. So it saves money too.

Simply do a flexi/e-recharge of Rs. 26 five times a month and you will get:
=> 6days x 5 = 30 days of 2G Internet
=> 500 MB x 5 = 2.5GB
=> And that only for Rs.26 x 5= Rs. 130

Or if you have enough balance in your mobile phone i.e. more than 26 Rs, then you can activate this internet pack by dialing *444*26#

For checking remaining data cap, follow these instructions

  • Dial *111# from your Vodafone mobile
  • Reply with 6 which is titles as Data Plan
  • Reply with 2 to view your remaining data

For any queries and suggestions please leave your comments below.