Eight Windows 8 Apps That You Must Try

Recently I equipped my PC with the brand new Windows 8 RC. The best feature that I noticed is that I can now finally install metro based apps directly, which was restricted to few pre-installed apps in Windows 8 Developers preview. So while spending some time in the Windows 8 app store, I found some pretty cool metro based apps that are must try for every windows 8 user. So let me introduce you to  them.
P.S.: Since Windows 8 Store has no option for directly linking to the app page, so you will need to browse for them yourself. :-(
Don't worry there are just few 100 apps and all are categorized, so it should not become a reason for problem to you :-)

This game I found was more addictive than your angry birds or fruit ninja, or something you play regularly. Basically the motto of this game is to join the ends of the dots. Don't worry it has many levels to test your intelligence. Every level is different from the previous one and you have a choice of selecting the grids
according to your level of intelligence. Below is the preview of the game-play.

Flow App Windows8

This is a classic bubble shooting game with bubbles replaced with balloons. All you need to do is select two or more balloons horizontally or vertically. Apart from the regular game play, this game also offers many addons like Bomb, shake the balloons for shuffling color combinations or just flip the board. This game will surely work as a good time-pass option for you.

Tap N pop App Windows8

Make your own funky psycho music and have the full control over it! This app will allow you to choose from effects and customize them the way you want. No definition needed to try this app, just try it and you will love it on the first time. Not recommended for boring people who hate fun.
And also keep the volume low or it may scare off your parents.

Grantophone App Windows8
It is a metro based first photo editor with all the basic tools needed by a photo editing software. You can take pictures right from your webcam for instant editing. Or browse from you hard drive if you don't have webcam. You have seven options and many sub-options for making a perfect photography.

FotoEditor App Windows8
This is a metro based twitter client for your PC. Almost all options are available for you starting for posting a tweet, to managing how your app looks. So no more www.twitter.com from your web browser anymore. It is probably the best twitter client that suits my needs and will surely yours.

MetroTwit App Windows8

Gaana (Hindi meaning of Song) is good music streaming app that allows you to listen to national, International and evergreen hits within few clicks. Now downloads needed ,just click play and enjoy. No Problem even if you have low bandwidth, this app will recognize it and stream song with suitable bit rates.
This app has clean interface and finds related tracks as soon as you listen to one song.

Gaana App Windows8
This is a quiz app, based and ran by the famous tech geek website HowtoGeek.com.
For all the geeks reading this, this application is a sure must have. I recommend it personally. Why? using this app you can test your knowledge about computers and other geek stuff like games and science.

GeekTrivia App Windows8

#The Best and No1
The last is not the least, its about the best. My rating for this app will be 6/5. I am talking about the Forismatic app. this app will give you inspirational quotes from authors around the world and supports live tiles too. So install and inspire yourself to live a positive world.

Forismatic App Windows8

So I hope that you will love mt collection of apps. Please feel free to comment and let me know about the new apps