Setup Picture Password in Windows 8

Windows 8 has a really cool feature for adding a picture password similar to maze lock in android. Picture password works as an alternative with the original text based password. As we know that Windows 8 is designed mainly for tablets, picture passwords work as a charm for tablet users and PC users too.

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So if you want to add a password but too lazy to type it from the keyboard the you must try picture password for at least once, it can be enabled within a minute. It works fine with PC and laptop users too who don't have touch input present.

How it works
Picture password allows us to unlock our PC by using touch based gestures like tap, circle or swap. A picture password is a combination of any or all of these three gestures, so its upto you which gestures suits you. the gestures are to be made on a selected image which can be of your choice.

For a picture password you need to make a text password too for security purpose like in times if you forget the gestures position. one more thing is that the picture password works with a error rate of 2 cms from the original location, so you can unlock the PC more faster with approximate gestures.

In the below video it is shown how you can add a picture password.

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