Best Five Childhood Computer Misconceptions

The knowledge of computer increases with increase of it use provided there are no boundaries of usage. No one of us is born geek, we all learn computer after we use it, some learn fast and some learn it way to sow. Today I am going to share some things that almost everyone of us used to do and try what happens next, but we FAILED. Please Don't take it seriously, as this is a humor post by me.

The TURBO button on CPU

Turbo word is related to increase the speed. So it makes sense to press the turbo button and enjoy more speed. But wait that was a FAIL as pressing it either decreased the speed or it remained constant. This is due to the fact that Turbo button in the past was not for overclocking purposes, instead it was used to DECREASE the PC speed. But how someone will enjoy slow speed. HTG explains

In the early days of computing, programmers relied heavily on the processor speed for timing. As a result thousands of applications, such as early PC games relied, on the processor speed to govern the timing of in-application events. If you played a game that was intended to be played on a 33MHz system on a 66MHz system, for example, the game would run twice as fast and be rendered unplayable. The Turbo button served as a hardwired compatibility tool, flipping the Turbo would slow down the processor and ensure that older software would run properly.

So you got trolled by the fake Turbo button, right.

E-Mail address Vs Web Address

I created my first E-mail account on Why? Because it was mentioned in my class textbook of computer. Okay it was a piece of cake. Now time to access the E-mail account for the first time. Just entered and it failed to show my inbox. I called the Cyber Cafe admin and asked him to solve this problem. He laughed out and said me that I need to login from I got insulted and felt embarrassed. So moving to the next FAIL

Installing New Window will remove all data

Well this was the most fearful and learnt that if our OS crashes and we need to install a fresh copy of windows, will remove all data on all partitions. Well as a matter of fact, the data is formatted only on the installation drive iff a fresh copy of Windows need to be installed. It is optional to format all drives when needed. but even now whenever i go to some friend's home for installing new Windows, they ask me that silly question again.
"Will my all data be formatted" I politely said, only the data of C: drive will be removed, so tell me there is anything that needs to be backed up. And I continue with the next FAIL which was damn stupid.

Deleting a file and the Recycle Bin

At first time, we all thought that if we delete a file, it will free up the hard disk. No it didn't as one day we came to know the Shift+Delete feature which permanently deletes the file and actually frees some space. And the normally deleted files are stored in the recycle bin which continued to use the hard disk space. This one was interesting too, now I will disclose you the last and the most annoying N00b experience ever!

The way we burnt the CD

In the previous years, pen drives were not so common. We usually shared data, games and music using the pocket friendly 700 MB CD. We used CD for a pretty good time in our childhood, On those days pen drives of 1 GB were meant for Office guys and not for us. So whenever we needed to share music, we bought a black CD and shared the files. this was the way we were given files, what about if we needed to share a file. I just initiated a send-to command to CD and it finished up quickly. Now I handed over the CD to my friend. Next day he comes at my home. Below is the conversation between us.
Friend: The CD didn't worked and showed up nothing.
I : I sent the files to the CD  
Friend: Did you burnt it properly?
I: You want me to burn this CD in fire to make it ready to serve? 
Friend: Something like that but using your PC.
I: okay please tell me how to make it run on everyone's PC.

On that day I was introduced to Nero Burning tool.
These were the five most annoying things that I faced. These were the days of being a n00b happily but now the time has changed, now (atleast) people in my locality praise me for my knowledge and ask me to fix up their computer. Like A Boss

So what is your story, and If I forgot something funny, please mention it and I will add it too.

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