How to spot noobs from geeks in India

idiot meme
This is again a humor post from my funny side. In this post I will show you how you can find out whether if a person is a noob or he/she knows at least something about computers. I will show you two ways to figure out the answer. Please not that it works in 90% of chances and only works in India so this post does not guarantees for a accurate result, moreover its free and worthy to try it out.

Okay so lets get started with the first part. Everyone owns a computer nowadays. You come to know about a new person from whom you need quality geek help or some tricky usage of computers. So to find out his/her knowledge about computer, simple put forward the below question.
"Tumahra computer konsa waala hai?"

If he/she replies with,

"Mera computer patli screen waala hai."

The answer is in front of you, if he/she was a geek, the answer shall be started from the computers specs like the processor, the amount of RAM and the Graphic card if installed but here in this case, your friend thinks the monitor as the main part of the computer. Congrats, I just helped you save your precious 5 minutes from talking with a noob. 
This trick works if he/she owns a PC, but what about if the friend has a laptop. Then in this case just ask the below question.
"Tumahra laptop konsa waala hai?"

If the answer starts again with the specs then you are lucky enough, but if it starts something like this,

"Mera laptop HP ka black waala hai?"

Then you successfully spotted a noob instantly!

Then next trick is not about computers or laptops, its about mobile. So what you can ask from a mobile user. From my point of view, I have a question that works in 70% to 80% of cases. Just ask him/her;
"Tumahra memory card kitne GB ka hai?"
The result lies in front of the respective answers.
"Mera memory card two GB ka hai." 

In the above answer you can see that the friend has said two GB instead of Doo GB. Most probably a noob will say two GB whereas a geek will say Doo GB. True story,
Optionally if your friend says "Doo" GB kingston/sand disk ka, then its sure he has more knowledge.

The two conditions for more accuracy are:-
  1. Tested and working only in India
  2. Must be asked during an informal conversation
So I hope that my funny side will help you judge needle out of hay easily in hurry mode.
if you perform any other trick then please let me know and I will try it too.

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