Make Animated Wallpaper Online

Yesterday I found a really cool website for making animated gif wallpapers online easily and quickly. So its time to move on with animated wallpapers to oomph your mobile phone a little bit more. Below is a animation made withe the help of the website.

Yes I know its definitely better option rather than using a static wallpaper. I know hat you are interested and can't wait. The website name is RedDodo. It allows you to make animated wallpapers from preset templates. You just need to add your change the text in the animation. I recommend you to change the resolution to 240x320 as the default resolution set is very low.

Visit RedDodo

The site is easy to use but filled with useless templates though. So I decided to add some of my favorite templates that are the crown of this site.

I hope you like my collection and the site too. Its a very good and recommended site for mobile users who are searching for a new wallpaper.

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