How to Get Free Recharge Online

Get Free Recharge
Getting something for free is everyone's need nowadays. But the truth is that even water costs you some pennies in market when focusing on real life. So it is a  "Like A Boss" feeling to get something for free and taming it by telling to the friends. Meanwhile surfing #Internet, you may have seen these kind of messages:

Get free recharge of Rs [100/200/500] now!!
Visit the link below and get a free recharge
So when you click on the link, you are asked to post the above messages on five different #Facebook groups to get access to free recharge. Well, as a matter of free recharge, its no harm for doing this and you continue by spamming five groups. Now when you come to the final last click to proceed, then you shall be glad to know that....

You were trolled by the scammer and here is the summary:

What you got: A waste of 5 minutes and not even a single penny of money in your mobile.
What scammer got: 1 unique visitor and backlinks from five Facebook groups which will lead in more traffic to the scam website.

How do you feel now, angry or Dafuq. Or both!
I know this feeling and encountered this when I started using internet 1 year before and was a noob in choosing what works and what didn't. But its not true to say that nothing works at all. I mean to say that there are some fully Genuine, Tested and 100% Working methods of getting a free recharge. Yeah you saw right, you can get a free recharge for doing some easy kinda tasks and bang. Right now I have found three different sites that offer free recharge in real time and real life. The three sites are:
  • Pickzup
  • Embee-pay
  • Ultoo 
These three sites I found are very useful and must join for every internet user. These three sites are arranged in decreasing order of quality and hard work. Now I will explain you all the steps from How to Wow :-0


Pickzup logo
Pickzup is a #Website that pays you for reading sponsored mails and referring friends. I do not prefer reading mails as it pays very low but the huge plus point of using this service is the referral commission which is the highest I have found ever. This site pays you Rs 5 INR for every friend who joins through your affiliate link. Moreover the lowest recharge amount is just Rs 20 which is very small amount to earn. I recommend you this site if you want to get instant recharge and you have enough potential to build referrals instantly. I have done two recharges in two days of joining by just 5 minutes work. Increase your referrals and stop paying for mobile topups, as easy as that. The time taken to process your recharge is very few in seconds, so you don't have to wait for minutes for making your recharge possible. After reading the above lines, there is no reason to not join this exclusive website, So make sure that you join this site before it gets bankrupt though.
Note: You will need to verify your mobile number and E-Mail address in order to get Rs 10 signup bonus.
Update: As I said above, This site got bankrupt and now pays only 3Rs per referral :-\ So if you enjoyed this site, like me I made 150 Referrals in the mean-time, then it is good and now on you will get only 3 Rs per successful referral.
iHate: Takes 24-48 hours to convert points ready for recharge.

Join Pickzup    [ You will get Rs 10 for just joining through this unique link ]


No free recharge service can replace Embee-Pay. Embee-pay is a well known international and free recharge service that is present from last few years. Embee-Pay is little bit more complicated service and also more paying than others. Only genius people can use Embee-pay, but if you use Embee-pay at its best then you can get upto Rs 20 per referral. But as I have stated that Embee-Pay is very difficult to use and very strict like Google Adsense. So Don't try to fool Embee-pay by referring fake friends for the sake of getting free recharge. No matter where* you live in the world, Embee-pay is ready to pay you. You need to do various tasks depending on what you choose. you have option to choose from hundreds of live offers and many new are added daily. Offers are also from famous advertisers like Matomy media, Crowd-flower and many more. P.S. It is obvious that you will get confused for first time while using Embee-pay. You shall take help from the below post that I have posted earlier.
Recommended: How to use Embee-Pay [ A step by step guide ]
iHate: Accepts referrals only from Facebook friends and no points rewarded for outsiders.


Ultoo Logo
Ultoo is a new Indian website that offers you free recharge for Sending SMS. Yes you saw right, you get paid for sending SMS to anyone in India. The concept behind Ultoo is by saving some little pennies that you waste on sending SMS to your friends. The bad thing is that it pays your Re 1 for sending 50 SMS, :-|
Even the referral commission is too low being Re 1 per referral. The only thing I liked is the lowest payout rate and that is Rs 10 only. It even doesn't supports Airtel Recharge though.
For more information about Ultoo
iHate: Airtel not supported; referral rate is too low.

Join Ultoo


So now you are aware of three websites that are genuine and fully working. You can get free recharge if you spend some real time using these sites. I recommend you using Pickzup and after that Embee-pay. Pickzup because it requires lesser manual work and Embee-pay because it has various tasks to be completed. Now what are you waiting for, just join these useful sites and stop paying for atleast your mobile recharge. Please let me know your experience using these sites, your queries and feedback is welcomed :-)

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