Save Webpages for Offline Reading [Google Chrome]

Consider you are using YouTube for finding a video for blah-blah and you have found it. You see that its a long 9  minutes #video and you do not have enough time to see the full video. Now if you are a feature savvy person, you would simply opt for the watch later function to get the video when needed.

Daily, all bloggers and students come across many new blogs and websites which provide them with new #information. The information here means some Downloads, #News and #How-To articles. Sometimes we are in a hurry and don't wanna miss any article. In that case we have two options in particular, read the article or bookmark the page. Reading the articles is a easy task if the post contains less than 1000 words but on the other hand if the post is larger in size, one would obviously prefer to bookmark the page.

Now think if you got a read later feature in your web browser just like YouTube, how good it would be. The same is done by a #Google Chrome extension named "Read Later Fast". This is how this extension helps you.

You install this extension in your Google Chrome browser. You find a webpage and need to read it later. Now all you have to do is save webpage for later reading which can be done offline too. It is the best part of this extension, that it enables you to read the saved webpage even when you are not connected to #Internet.
To save the webpage for later reading, Goto any post and right click there and choose "Read later"
Now when you have done adding articles and posts, Head over the Apps Tab and open "Read later fast"
Here you will find your saved pages and then you can start reading them too. When you will open an article, it will show you the saved webpage including images.

Tip: Click on Text View from the header for more comfortable reading. I recommend using the text view because the Original(default) view may become buggy and look damaged. So you can fix this via reading the article in Text Mode. Don't worry, you will also get images too.

One more plus point of this extension is that it has option to sync your saved web pages to your online account. All you need to change the settings and your pages will then sync and can be accessed using your Diigo account.

I recommend this extension to all other bloggers for its rich functionality and syncing feature. Every Internet user can make use of this extension in one way or another. Please feel free to provide your valuable feed-back about this useful extension. Have a good day ahead!

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