Tips To Make Facebook Account More Secure

Facebook security Facebook needs no definition as its the world's largest and most used social network ever made. With over millions of user base and counting, you will not find anyone not having a Facebook account. A social network defines our online presence and lets other people know what we are without any physical meeting. If you update  your status or post a pic, people come to know for what you use Facebook. Because most people use Facebook, so there is a constant threat to your account being hacked or stolen. Every newbie user never takes security as serious, when he/she ought to do so. You can not imagine, if once your account get hacked, the hacker can break into your privacy by seeing your personal messages, post irrelevant things like po_n and make you gay in seconds :-0. In this post I will suggest you some tips that can make your
                                                      Facebook account almost non-hackable.

You Password is the First Thing

Most people are enough lazy that literally help hackers to hack their account just because they set a stupid password. Passwords such as DOB/ Phone number/ and GF's name come to this list. I have seen many people who have their passwords their mobile number. If you are one of those then I recommend you to change your password right now to a more secure, unidentifiable and unique one. Here are some tips for making a good Facebook password:
  • Be creative and selective while choosing for a password word. Don't make password of words that you commonly speak or hear from your friends. Even you should be amazed when you find a word that suits for your password. 
  • Make your passwords a combination of Caps on and off, Include numbers in place of of alphabets i.e. use 0 (zero) instead of o(o) and $ instead of S. This will secure your password from Brute Force attack. Brute Force is a cracking technology that tries to use dictionary words to login into your account. 
  • Never ever make passwords same to those of your E-mail account. Make different and non related passwords of your Facebook account and your Email account. This will help you to recover  your hacked account. So whenever your Facebook password is found by others and they change your password, you can easily revert to your previous password using the password reset tools.
  • Do Not tell your password to anyone on this universe. Never ever, as no one is trustful in this greedy world. You need to admit it my friend.

Be smart and aware

Many people get hacked just because they are too stupid. Some free people troll fools by sending phishing links to those stupids. A phishing page is a fake Login page that tracks the password as soon as you login and save the password in the hacker's account in form of plain text. Its very easy to spot a phishing page, all you need to do is look at the the address bar of your browser.You should login to Facebook only if the URL is or .  Whereas on the other hand, a phishing page has a weird and long URL which inherits the hosting site domain as prefix. For eg. , Where indicates an free web hosting site.
So from now on, always login using the genuine Facebook login page and trust no other.

You can take lesson from the last huge scam that shared pron links without your knowledge. That scam used a phishing page and also used harmful scripts too.

And finally there is no existing software that can hack a Facebook account and neither a online service that does the same. Some of them are so _____ that they ask Both Email and password in order to hack others account. All of them are SCAM SCAM and just SCAM.

Enable more security options

You can make your account more secure by enabling two security features. The first is secure browsing. enabling this feature will make your Facebook more secure by using a Https connection instead of the default http connection. This is because a Https connection is very hard to crack and the data transferred is first encrypted so that no middle person can make use of the sent information. Its free of cost, so dont be a miser.
To activate Https Facebook just follow these steps.

  • Goto Facebook Security Settings page
  • Click on edit for the first option from the right side.
  • Check " Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible" and then click on save changes.
One more security feature is login notifications. By enabling this feature, you will receive a text SMS message   from Facebook. This is how it works, 
  • You enable Login notifications
  • You or someone tries to login to your account
  • Before showing the account, Facebook asks the name of PC which is used to login
  • You tell Facebook the name of PC "Home PC"
  • You get a Email or text message (Whichever chosen while in settings)
  • If its you, then its fine and if the login was not made by you, then run for life and change the password.
So this feature is good enough to try. You can enable login notifications by these steps:

Final Summary

So I hope that you find this 1000 words information useful and would apply these tips in your Facebook life. 
So in this post I discussed that you must set a unique and never heard password, Being more strict and sincere while accepting URL's and enabling more secure features on Facebook.

So Good luck and enjoy more secure Facebooking :-)

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