Five Chrome Addons to Improve Facebook

Chromium LogoGoogle Chrome is now the "Numero Uno" Web Browser that bears no competition excluding Firefox. Ask any #Geek to define a web browser and he will tell something like this.
A web browser is an application software that allows us to surf the web. A modern web browser should support all modern web designing languages and have a rich app marketplace. 

Well defined!, if you focus the last two words, "App Marketplace" This is well said. A good web browser should have a good #Application marketplace which provides us with a variety of extension/add-on. Google Chrome has a very good marketplace with growing number of useful apps. Apps should be useful though and not just a website launcher, this is the only reason people hate apps of Google Chrome as many of them usually turn out to be a shortcut of website but who the hell needs app for this when we can hit the URL in the address bar? But not all, some apps are heavily useful and work perfectly.

But as the title states, we are here for discussing about the useful Google Chrome extensions that help us in improving your #Facebook usability and let you enjoy Facebook with an ease. I have prepared a list of five must have extensions that every Facebook addict must install on his/her Chrome. Let the lists start with Social Reviver, a timeline hater's app.

Social Reviver

Social Reviver is a Google Chrome extension that helps one to disable Facebook's most hated change, 
"The Timeline". In year whatever Facebook introduced Timeline, a new way to discover your profile. During its initial launch, it was available only for Facebook developers and Geeks that had enough time to find out how this shit works. After its official release, users had a choice to switch to timeline from the wall by activating it. Many users when allowed activated timeline but after sometime, they (Including me) felt that they did this wrong. On average, 8/10 people hated The Timeline and those rest two are Facebook employees and Mark Zuckerberg. Then the geeks who supported timeline, later found that they did this wrong and started finding out how to disable this shit. Since it was officially announced that timeline can not be disabled once activated, geeks needed to activate hard mode. 

And after some months, they succeeded to revert back to The Wall using a web browser configuration trick. This trick is of user agents. Saying in simple language, User Agent is a s property of a web browser that defines the version of it. The less the value of user agent, the older the version of that web browser and lesser the web designing techniques will be compatible. So this means switching to older browser agent (For atleast Facebook) will result in compatibility issue and thus Facebook will need to force show the older version of Facebook.

That's exactly what this extension does. It modifies the user agent of Google Chrome so that Facebook disables the timeline and you can enjoy your old is gold Facebook. There is no risk of security as this extension is used by millions of users and nor it is a ad-ware or malware. So you do not need to compromise for security.

Facebook Notifications

Getting notified about what your friends are doing and seeing their reactions on your own posts is the top priority. Who wants to miss out all the fun and the happenings on their Facebook account. Did you know that there is a lag of upto 10 seconds in the on site Facebook notifications. If you do not want to miss a single second of conversation or comment, you must add this useful Chrome Extension named 
"Facebook Notifications". It works in real time to provide you instant notifications and incoming messages. One more benefit of this extension is that it provides you real time notifications even if you are not having Facebook tab opened. So make sure that you grab this one if you do not wanna miss out your favorite things. This extension does not requires sign in as it accesses your Facebook login details from your browser cookies and don't worry it doesn't hack your Facebook account.

Adblock Plus

Adblock plus is the most used extension for both Firefox and Chrome. it basically eliminates all kinda adverts and make web browsing safer and less distracting. Everyone hates ads sometimes ads can be a reason  for you to close the current website. I am talking about sites like Kickass torrents and other pirate friendly website. These ads can sometime very embarrassing like of porny type and using nude images. Not only this, adblock will block all ads on web and you can tell this extension what is an ad and what is not by making manual lists and excluding domains from blocklist.
This extension is developed by a full time developer named Michael, so you can understand its quality by knowing that a person does his best for improving his product.

This extension helps in improving Facebook usage experience by hiding all kind of advertisements and sponsored stories from Facebook layout. You can optionally hide other distracting features of Facebook like suggested friends or people you may know. I hate this feature most as it always recommends girls with fake IDs

This is a bit useless but very funny one from the list. This extension will Not create tasty and hot pasta for you. This extension will help you make comments that will be more eye-catchy and get huge number of likes. You must be aware of ASCII art which uses text and other symbols to create beauty. This art is mainly used by pirates and cracker in the readme of the pirated products. Here is an example of such ASCII art:

These kind of art is now trending and everyone loves to see them. The extension helps you to add these crazy and wonderful ASCII arts that are fully compatible with Facebook. You get to choose from hundreds of such arts according to what you like.
All you need to install this extension and click on the comment field of any post and then click on the smiley icon next to it. And then wait for the likes that you mare gonna get on the comment made by you.
Works best on public pages with huge number of fans.

Facebook Photo Zoom

Facebook photo zoom is a very simple but useful extension for Google Chrome that helps you to zoom and view full pics without clicking on them. This extension is used to do so because Facebook crops the images to before displaying them on screen. And many times the image is too small and unreadable by default so we need to open the image in new tab so as to order to view it properly.

You do not need to worry these once you install this extension in your browser. This extension is very light weight unlike any other extension and becomes handy time-to-time.

So the list ends and I hope you liked my Facebook addict's collection of Chrome Extensions. Using these extensions will help you make Facebook easier and fun. Please subscribe to our newsletter for new updates.

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