The Tragedy of PC Gaming

Play Station 3 and Gaming PC
Gaming is a good time pass for every youngster. Whether it is about mobile gaming, PC gaming or console gaming.

Mobile Gaming is like this: If the game is compatible? Yes, then its good, so go ahead and play it. And if No, then buy a new mobile phone.

Now coming to Console Games.lets consider the case of console game God of War.
God Of War 2 launched! Buy it and play on PS3.
God Of War 3 launched! Buy it and play it also on PS3.
God of War 4 will be launched! Pre-Book it and then wait for it. The main motto of my saying is that the same console will play all upcoming series of games. So all you need to do is buy a PS3 or Xbox  and then games for it. You need not to worry about the compatibility.

Now comes the interesting part. Never forget those PC Gamers and especially those freaks who can do anything for getting games like teaming up with pirates bay and wasting hours to search for cracks.

After collecting game, you will try to check the game (sounds obvious). And finally you get some gift lift like this.
OMG I am getting 5 FPS of gameplay. I mean, Don't give a Fu*k. Whats wrong with you ( My PC )?

I installed the latest drivers and tweaked my PC for best performance.
And then you bother to check the requirements. The Official website suggested me to use ATI XYZ Or NVidia ZXY. Here XYZ and ZXY indicates the latest version of graphic cards respectively whose price tags can make people shit bricks.

If you are self dependent and you now how cool are new games, then spending thousand of bucks won't matter at all. But what about youngsters who depend on their parents of money.

How can they convince them to spend thousands for a new graphic card. As usual the son will be first asked what is the purpose of installing a graphic card. Parents will also add up questions like: Is this a new device, It was not needed in my time and why do you need it?

You will be thinking hard in mind what to say. You can't say that it is needed for playing hard core PC games. And if you say so, then you will get a reply like this. Ahha, All you do is play games and Facebook, Who (the fuck) needs to study?
So what to do now. You are totally hopeless. Now you have two options:

Goto gaming parlor and play what you like. This is the best way according to me for experiencing awesomeness, and it works for sure. I have wasted hundreds my pocket money for doing so. My favorite PS3 game is God Of War 3. Now you will say why so.

This is because I am a little pathetic guy and get angry very quickly and heavily. So all I need to go there and sit for 30 minutes slashing the enemies in the most dirty way possible.Trust me it works, if you are angry for some reason, then give a try to God Of War 3 and you will return home happy and relaxed than before.

The above paragraph depicted the first option for you to enjoy FTW games for small cash. But if you are serious about gaming and you think that you surely need an upgrade for PC and lack capital, then I would recommend you to check this article which shows the best graphic cards available for very less price which will smoothly run all the FTW games for sure. The good thing is that the price range is Rs 2750 to Rs 6600.

Check for affordable graphic cards


Gaming, like any other addiction is a awesome time killer but when the gamer is not satisfied with his expectations from the game, then it may outcome as injurious to health. In this post I have discussed with you that how PC Gamers are different from console Gamers. PC Gamers are more likely to face problems rather than those who have a console for playing games. The thing that confuses a gamer to go with a PC or console is that they both have their own benefits, but if he is a hardcore gamer, its recommended to invest in console as its a long term investment without any worrying of compatibility.

On the other hand if you go with buying a PC, its has other advantages too like it can be used in many forms and for doing many things that a console can't. Admit it, a good PC with a good internet connection is like another heaven for a geek. I believe that atleast in India, PC gaming is a win as we can get a good configuration PC for the sake of studies by telling parents that the PC is damn good, because it is recommended by the software that I will need to use. Place Adobe After Effects as a software as it actually needs a good configuration PC. No problem at all for animation students though.

So what are your views on this post, please let me know what suits your need A PC or a Console for gaming purposes.

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