Jail-broken iOS Vs Rooted Android Phone

Jail Breaking vs Rooting
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Sometimes I feel if the cold war has started again, though this time it seems to be between Android and iPhone. Each operating system has its own bunch of fans and fanatics, and different kinds of users. There are users who do not know much about operating system but are still satisfied with its comprehensive apps and easy to tweak facility, while on other hand we have techies, who wish to know about all features of their handsets. When it comes to the hard core geeks, they feel exploring features at the core, both including hardware and software. Android users basically install custom ROMs and kernel on their devices, whereas iPhone users have different option as they can install jailbreak and cydia to download various apps.

So, let’s decide which is better- Jailbreaking or Custom ROM. However, before you use any of the devices, you can’t decide whether it is good or bad. You have to exactly give your opinion on the basis of devices you have used and your experiences while using them. As of me, I have used Samsung Galaxy S3 and regarding iphone, I have researched on the internet in detail. My Samsung S3 runs on the resurrection remix (Android 4.03) and the custom kernel called siyah kernel.

Jailbreaking vs. Custom ROMs

Although when you start comparing between jailbreaking and custom ROM, you will find very few distinctions between the two. You can check out the difference as you further read this article.


Rooting is only feasible with android devices, as it does not require any special ROM for doing so. Once you root your android devices, you are independent to install and update any application you want to. By rooting your device you can exactly install plenty of apps on your handset, freeze system software, and manage phone calls or even make it more better :-)


Jailbreaking is more or less a same rooting technology but it is only used for the Apple operating system. However when it comes to jailbreaking or iOS you can’t be democratic as Android. Moreover you have to seek for some special permission, and install a couple of extra software and plugins by using Cydia for jailbreaking.

Options to explore

Rooting or jail breaking of a device gives a huge spectrum to use your phone the way you like to. You can install new apps and customize things by using cydia. But as you know that everything good encapsulates evil as well, so by using cydia you can download tons of apps but somehow it slows down the speed of your handset considerably. Beside this, it is not an official segment by iphone so it is of obvious that it will create a little mess around. Same comes with android as when you start searching around apps on the Google play; sometimes it is very difficult to find anything worth at.

What’s next?

Once you have rooted your handset, you have to install apps, and here let me tell you that you have to apply your common sense. Both android and iOS are fetched with root- level apps though iOS do not permit you a sudden installation of widgets, so you have to look for tweaking at first. Beware! Apple is annoyed with the jailbreaking process. Therefore, sometimes it blocks down all the jailbreaking customization. However, this does not happen with android.


It is very difficult to declare a result that who is winner. Android is good, but installation on Cydia is truly impressive. So, make sure choose what suites you the best and keep enjoying.

So what is more awesome according to you? Please comment and let us know about your views.

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