Make Your Own Android Web Browser

Make Android Web Browser

Having something made specially for you is what you actually need. So today, I have something made specially for you. And its nothing other than your own Android Web Browser. You can customize the way you want and its ready to surf the web. So what would you like to change in your own web browser? Of course the design and looks, and not the coding as you don't know a single thing about the coding.

The things that you need for creating your very own Android web browser are:
  • Internet connection
  • Facebook account
  • And an android phone for testing your web browser. You can test it on your Android Emulator too.
So lets get started and quickly create a web browser for your android phone. Your Web Browser will be powered by Maxthon Web browser engine. The project is made possible just because of Maxthon Team.

Create your Own Android Web Browser

Visit the Maxthon Make Your Browser Link. Here you will find all the things that you need to create your own android web browser. Your have options to change the following things: Browser name, Its icon in the appdrawer, Set default homepage, Choose theme and Splash Screen.

So when you will open the above link, you will find a page that will help you customize your web browser with many things. Lets have a look:

Your Browser's Name

Input the name of your browser. It can be anything like My Web Browser or anything like that. Though you have only 14 characters to use for your browser name.

Your Browser's Icon

You can upload an icon for your web browser. The file size shall be lass than 50 KB and the required resolution for the icon file ( jpg or png ) shall be of 72x72 pixels. To create transparent and better looking icons, you might use Photoshop. Here below I have attached a good looking "T" icon which is transparent and you can try it as your browser's icon.
T Logo Icon

Set your Browser's Homepage

You can set your browser's default homepage. It can be anything like or your Blog URL or even your your Email account. This homepage can be changed later but it will be used as default for every time your browser is installed.

Select a Theme

You have option to choose from 11 different themes fro your web browser. My Favorites are "Black Theme" and "Blue Theme"

Upload Your Browser's Splash Screen

A splash screen is the first image/animation that you see after launching the application. So this is a useful option for customizing your web browser.You can upload a splash screen for your android browser with the following specifications.
File Type: Jpeg or PNG
Res: 480x800
File Size: Less than 500KB
I have attached a Splash Screen that you can use if you want.

Sample splash screen for android web browser

And finally, enter your email address to get your web browser's download link.
Your web browser will be saved in your Maxthon account which can be accessed by logging in through Facebook. After you have logged in, your previously created web browsers can be downloaded from your Maxthon Account

P.S. If you want to try my created web browser, you can follow this link.
Download Technoholics Web Browser


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