Which Linux distribution should you Install?

In a recent discussion with my friend, we were discussing which Windows to install. Here is my answer to him: If the PC is low-end and has poor configurations, then install Windows XP on it. If the PC is good enough for day to day desktop usage, then Install Windows 7 and if you are interested in exploring features then Install Windows 8. Its that easy to choose.
Now he asked, which processor shall one person buy.

I answered: If you want PC for general light weight usage, Then go for Intel Dual Core processor. If you need PC for some heavy usage like video editing, then buy Core 2 Duo processor and if you are hardcore Gamer, then the Core i series is waiting for you.

So the both things ,i.e., Windows version and Intel processor were clear to me and my friend. Now he pointed out that why AMD processors are not so common among us. I was like "Meh"
And then he asked me last question: Is there any other Operating System other than Windows to use in my PC as I don't want to be a pirate.

I answered: yes, there is Linux which is free powerful and full of options:
Friend: So which version of Linux shall I download.
I answered: There are many, many versions of Linux available and in fact you can make your own. So I can't say that you should choose any specific version of Linux as these are depending on what kind of person uses the PC....

Nowadays, Linux has emerged as a quite powerful and stable OS. Companies running big forums, servers, etc are now switching to Linux as it doesn't "hang"and can run for days and noghts without needing a restart. Besides, it has a big software repository containing millions of thoroughly tested software, ready to use. But being Open Source, 100s of developer communities have released their own version of Linux. openSUSE, Mint, Ubuntu, Arch, BOSS [Indians aren't lagging behind], BackTrack  DAMN! Which one is suitable for us?

Novice Geeks, who come to know about Linux and want a taste of it always become confused as to which flavor is specifically made for them. Trillions of people don't try it simply because they're afraid to choose. But now, there's a very easy way to choose the right one. People at Zegenie Studios have a developed a "Linux Distro Chooser" which, by the means of a quiz, will help you identify the right flavor meant for you. The wizard will just ask you a few simple questions, and at the end, will display 2-3 specific linux distributions. So now, you  can dive into the world of Linux without any worries!

They will precisely tell you which version of Linux to choose according to your response towards their questions about your knowledge of Linux.

These questions vary from your hardware skills to your personalization requirements.

So if you want to try Linux or want to recommend it to your friend, then use this simple online tool, which through a simple 4 minutes quiz will help you select what you exactly need.

So, what are you waiting for, just hit the link below and get the Linux distro which is made exactly for your needs.

Visit zegenie Studios "Linux Distribution Chooser"

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