Repair Corrupted Flash Drive Easily Using HP Tool

Every PC geek gets to check numerous applications to test them and share them with friends. Some applications work like charm and some applications damage your PC’s hardware like a charm, which is a true story. I have seen many times that an application can corrupt your storage devices most probably like USB flash drives, memory cards. Not only PC does this bad work but some high end mobile viruses can also put your memory cards to its knees. And they tame it too bad that you can't even format it back to its original situation because of these viruses.

So how do you deal with these situations? Do you simply throw your corrupted pen drive into bin or just try thousand times to re format it and check if that worked?

Well, if now your pen drive or memory card gets corrupted, then you can use a very light weight and portable tool to fix it. The tool is made by HP, a well known computer company to fix corrupted memory cards and other flash storage drives except hard drive errors.

Repair Corrupted USB Drives

In my case, I got some more weird problem in which my 8 GB Kingston pen drive got corrupted and showed as 2 GB :-| in My Computer folder and I tried to reformat the drive many times with the Default Windows Format tool but it didn’t helped. Then finally I ran the useful tool and it restored my pen drive to its original state. This tiny portable tool is a must have application in every PC user's collection.
Also make sure that you run this tool as Admin while using Windows Vista/7/8
The main feature of this tool is hat it uses different formatting method to repair drive which is not used by Windows’ default tool. So, in most cases when the default Windows tool fails, it wins for sure.

This tool also lets you format your flash drive as NTFS format too. This feature is useful for Windows XP users only as NTFS formatting is not availabe by default in Windows XP.
Now question arises, why some one will need to format his pen drive with NTFS format?
Well, I want to share with you a bug, that is in FAT32 format, you can not copy a single file which is larger than 3 GB in size. Let me elaborate and break the confusion; If you copy a single file like a game ISO image whose size is 4.67 GB, then you will get an error for sure but if the flash drive is formatted with NTFS format, then you can easily send huge files without any error.
one more benefit of NTFS formatting is that some good quality pen drives when formatted with NTFS format result in increase of write rate, i.e., upto 80 MBPS for first few seconds after starting the copying and then reverts to original speed. Not bad though :-)

Download HP USB Repair Tool

Disclaimer: This tool does not guarantees repair for flash drives or memory cards which got corrupted due to any kind of physical damage. This tool will help you repair flash drives which got corrupted due to incorrect partitioning via any software. So please make sure that your device got corrupted due to incorrect partitioning; before using this tool.


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