Airtel Latest GPRS 2G Internet Packs [Updated]

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Airtel has changed its 2G GPRS plans. SO please check and refer this post for more accurate research.
Airtel 2G GPRS plans 2013 January

In this world of 3G, our very own 2G feels so old and useless now. So here I share with you a point to be noted on benefits of 2G. 2G is very cost efficient, still useful for managing online apps like Facebook Messenger, Whats-app and other apps that require next to zero internet connectivity for their usage. So never mind, you can still be connected to your friends with the 2G technology as its the only method for getting connected to Internet for those who are light on Pocket.

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Airtel, after seeing the increase in number of mobile internet subscribers has launched new Internet plans for more affordability and choice to its users. Besides previous plans, it has added some new ones and also changed the activation menu. Lets have a look on them!

These internet plans are divided into five different groups according to Data Cap, Time and Type of usage. Let us start with the First plan that you need the most, the daily internet plans. Please choose the plan you need and I will tell the activation below this post after showing you all available plans.

Daily Internet Plans

Airtel offers three daily internet plans and these are of 50 MB and 100 MB. Here are these three plans:

The difference between the first and second plan is of automatic activation. The first plan once activated, needs to be manually deactivated until you have enough balance. This means that the plan will activate itself once the data cap completes or the day passes. So it is recommended to skip to Plan 2 as it is based on manual activation and does not reactivates itself when finished. And the last one is simple: 100 MB for 1 Day in 10 Rs.

Monthly Internet Plans

You have choice of two internet plans on monthly basis. The first plan is as usual, the old one 98 Rs. In this plan, you will get 1 GB of data usage for one month. The next one is a new and modified plan. It is basically an Unlimited Internet Plan from Airtel which as usual, has some limits. Once you activate, you will get 2 GB of internet usage for 30 days and once you finish the data cap of 2 GB, then your Internet speed is reduced to 40Kbps and then the plan will continue for the same month. So if you activate this plan, you will get internet usage for 30 days with 2GB for maximum possible speed and then the speed will get down to 40Kbps. Not bad, still usable for light weight work like googling something or messenging.

Misc Internet Packs

Besides the usual plans, the daily and monthly ones, Airtel also lets you choose from several other Internet plans. These range from Rs 18 to Rs 60 Or 200 MB to 1000 MB. Here are the plans that are currently available for us.


Now comes the best plans for downloading and Facebookers. These two plans have been recently launched and are completely unbeatable. One is Night Internet pack and the other is Facebook internet pack. The Night Internet pack will give you 400 MB of data usage for just 9 Rs only. To make this plan work, you activate this plan, say today 5 PM in evening. To use this plan then, you will be legit to surf and download only after 11 P.M. to 6 A.M. of the next day. Not bad though if you need to download many files. 
The next plan is of Facebook. After activating this plan, you will get 40 MB of Facebook usage for one day.


After choosing the suitable plan, its time for getting it in practice. You can start using Airtel Internet in your mobile after two things, Once after you activate the plan and you are using correct settings for your phone.

To activate your favorite Internet plans, follow these steps:
  1. Dial *121*8# from your Airtel phone. After some time you will get a message to choose the category of your Internet plan. You shall use the above instructions to find the plan. Now after confirming the plan, reply with your specific plan category no, for eg, Reply with 1 for Daily Internet Packs.
  2. Now you will be shown the plans available on the basis of the category you choose. Now follow the on screen instructions.
  3. After you activate the plan, the price of plan will be deducted from your Mobile balance. After the plan will be activated, the CC will send you message for confirmation.

How to Receive settings for my Mobile Phone

Sometimes, if your Phone's internet applications is configured with incorrect profile, you might get error while connecting to Internet. If you think that  it is due to settings, you can ask for receiving settings for your phone again by sending a message to Airtel Customer Care. 

To receive settings for your phone, Send MO to 54321 and the Airtel service person will shortly send you settings for your phone. Apply these settings and you can start using Internet on your phone.

Terms and Conditions

To minimize errors, I have tried my best. The plans were last extracted from my Airtel mobile using the *121*8# service code. These plans might change without any prior notice, so if you feel that there is any mistake in this article, please kindly inform us. Thank you and happy Internet surfing. 

Most of the Internet plans shall be activate from Mobile balance, but if you want to activate Internet plan directly via recharge or flexi, then you can go with these plans as these are fully compatible with direct recharge but some are not. The plans that I found compatible with flexi recharge are:
  • Rs 18 Recharge for 200 MB for 3 Days
  • Rs 35 Recharge for 500 MB for 6 Days
  • Rs 98 Recharge for 1000 MB for 30 Days
  • Rs 149 Recharge for unlimited Internet for 30 Days
Thank you for preferring our help service, and I hope you felt easy and helpful with this article. Please allow me for the next post.
Thank You :-) and keep reading.


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