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Computer is now used in every field of business, private or government. It handles various tasks like managing database and connecting with customers. Now if you are Indian, then you know how much Hindi is important for us if we want to contact with people. Though English is quickly replacing Hindi as our language but we can't forget that Hindi is our National Language.

Now if you ask anyone to type a small paragraph of 100 words in PC or probably in a good mobile, it will take him or her hardly 5 minutes or so. Now ask the same person to type the same para in "Hindi". Now this time he might run away as typing in Hindi is not a joke.

Its completely true that typing in Hindi is painful, like you must first install Hindi font, practice the font with your native English keyboard and then your typing speed will increase slowly. To help you with this situation, your very old Friend Google has something to offer you with. I am talking about Google input tools which make typing in regional languages damn easier that you can't even imagine.

I have tested this tool and I am very much impressed with its accuracy and ease of use. Lets have a look on Google Input Tools' features:
  • Available for 22 different languages including most Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Marathi other. Also includes languages like Greek, Russian, Persian and Sanskrit too.
  • Works completely without Internet connection needed, though Internet connection is needed for only first time install and the you can work it online and offline too.
  • Gives you auto-complete suggestions as you type for faster typing.
  • मजे आ जायेंगे उसे करने में 
  • Typing is funny and fast so that you can finish your work easily and quickly.
  • Customization s are available for your text typed in regional font.
Check out official video by Google about their useful and awesome service:

How to Install Google Input Tools for Windows 

Google input tools can be easily installed in any Windows based PC running Windows XP or later. The good thing about the setup is that you can, infact you need to select languages manually to your setup that will be downloaded later by the setup itself. To start with, visit the Google Input tools webpage for PC.

Download Google Input Tools for PC

After opening this page, tick ( ✔ ) your needed languages, in this post I am talking about Hindi, so tick Hindi. If you need any other language, then select these from the list.
Now also check, I agree the T&C and then hit the Download button.
Download Hindi Typing Software by Google

Then you will get a small executable named " Input Tools Setup.exe " which serves as a downloader for your selected languages. The setup requires Internet Connectivity while installation and once it gets installed, you can start using it even offline ,i.e., even when you are not connected to Internet.

Now question comes, How can I change the typing laguage as the PC is still typing text in English (or your Windows Language)?
You need to switch the Language from English to Hindi from Taskbar. To change typing language, Click on the EN symbol near system tray as shown in figure and select Hindi (India)
Change typing language in Windows 7
Now start typing what you need to type. For example you want to type मेरा नाम अनुज है , then type " mera naam anuj hai". Its that easy and its done very quickly. Thanks to Google

This program works in almost every place in Windows like web browsers, text editing softwares and many more places. So enjoy this useful tool and make sure that you share this tool with everyone you think will need it.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!
Anuj Sharma


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