Enable .Net Framework on Windows 8

Dot Net Framework is a programming tool and used by many developers. Some programs even use it to a small extent but fail to execute when the .Net framework redistributable is missing on that PC. Some of my favorite programs that use it are GTA 4, Freemake video converter and many more. I said many more because I install this software as soon as I install Windows as I know this is a useful and well needed software, so those applications which need it get it without asking it from me.

Now coming to point, everyone knows that the latest Microsoft venture is Windows 8.
I liked it, you hated it and your friend liked it, so you, yes you can't alone determine that Windows 8 is a fail.
Some months back, Windows has been frequently launching beta versions of Windows 8 and they all, even the Pro version activated has a same problem and that it.

Install Dot Net Framework on Windows 8

This error dialog box pops up whenever you install a program that requires .Net Framework installed in order to run properly and without errors. But the tragedy is, you get the same message while installing the .Net framework itself from your own side. Windows team is so "Besharam" that they could,t fixed it even after launching newer versions of Windows back-to-back.

So how can this be fixed?

This is indeed a very good question if you are reading this post, I have got a working method to Install .Net Framework on Windows 8 Offline and Easily

So, to get started the things you need are; A Windows 8 Installation disc and Admin privileges

First of all locate Windows 8 Setup files path. If you have DVD, you can insert it in the DVD Drive, if you have a Windows Setup Image files, you can mount it and if you have the whole content of Windows 8 DVD copied to your Hard Disk, then it will work too. And if you have nothing from the things I asked above, then you may gracefully close this tab :-)

Let us consider, you have Windows 8 DVD inserted in your DVD drive, which is labeled as G:\ then you can go ahead and read further steps.

Running CMD with admin privileges
Hit the start page and type CMD. Now right click on it and select "Run as Administrator" from the bottom menu bar.

Search CMD in Start Page

Run CMD as Admin

When the CMD Window opens, run the following command
dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /Source:J:\sources\sxs
Things to note:
  • Replace J:\ with your Windows 8 setup DVD or files folder
  • You can copy above code but can't paste it using Ctrl+V Shortcut, so to paste it, use Right Click from your mouse inside CMD Window and click on Paste. :-)
  • Installing .Net Framework will take upto 5-6 minutes and the progress bar is of rolling kind, it first fills up like hell and then stops at 66% and after two minutes it then again jumps to 99.8% and again after a break of two minutes it finally completes.
Done, when the execution completes, your machine should have been running .Net framework services.
If you face any problem, you are welcome to ask me and I will try my best to help you shortly.

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