Vodafone Latest 2G | 3G Internet Plans - March 2013

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Vodafone is the fastest 2G and 3G Internet provider for mobile subscribers in India. Despite being little more costlier than theose provided by other leading service providers like Airtel and Aircel, Vodafone is still the chosen one because of its awesome Internet connectivity and great Downloading speeds. During Recent Months, Vodafone have changed its GPRS plans and introduced new 3G plans. Here I have posted the latest Internet plans by Vodafone below.

Point to remember:

  • The plans were last checked on 1,March 2013, any change in Internet plans will be immediately updated, so keep checking this page again and again for clearing any doubts!
  • All duration time periods are in Days
  • The best plan is colored out in the list.

2G GPRS Internet Plans 

The below table shows 2G GPRS Internet plans. All prices in INR and Duration in days.

Vodafone 2G Internet Plan March 2013

The best plan is Rs 198 plan as it is unlimited Internet plan for 28 days. Here is the condition, after using 2 GB of data your Internet speed will change to 40 Kbit Per second.

3G Internet Plans

Year 2013 is year of 4G for high-en people and of 3G for people like me. Still, 3G is the fastest Internet connectivity I have seen in my life and when its Vodafone, its the fastest 3G network in India. Though it is costly, around thrice the price of 2G but still it gives 20 to 30 times more speed than 2G. Below are the latest 3G plans for Vodafone and the best plan according to price and data has been marked in a different color.
Vodafone 3G Internet Plan March 2013

SMS Packs

Yup, I have added SMS packs too just for spreading information.The Price is in INR and the amount states the number of SMS allowed within the plan.The Best one is Rs 35 SMS pack which gives you 350 SMS for a month and I think it is enough for everyone!

Vodafone SMS Packs

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