Top 5 Ways to Speed up Your Android Phone

Make Android Run Faster
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Android is the largest used mobile operating system across the globe after Apple’s iOS. It is a touch based OS with a smooth and easy UI. It has a huge app base with more than a million apps available for the users. Of course as the amount of apps build up, the memory used increases hence increasing the overall response time of the OS making it feel like it has become slow, which actually it has not.

Android sure is a very fast operating system but due to all the lags you do not want your experience to be ruined. Hence we are going to see the top 5 ways to speed up your Android phone and reduce all the lags so as to keep your android experience rich, fast and smooth as always.

Stop animations: 

Animations actually feel very aesthetic and they are there for the same purpose. But actually when you close the app or start an app or switch between apps, these transition effects or animations take up that extra second to function and then take you to your app. In the beginning this might seem very pleasing, but later it can get a bit frustrating. So for that you just need to go to settings, developer options and in there disable all the animations and transition effects. By default it is set to 1x, but you just set it to none and you are good to go.

Uninstall unused apps:

Installing excess apps on the phone consumes memory since they all need to be loaded and hence keep running in the background. So this slows down the phone as extra cycles are wasted in these apps which you never use. So better to uninstall them and free some space in your phone to make it run faster.

Close all the background apps: 

After you are done with your work with any app, it still keeps running in the background. This takes some extra effort from the hardware and OS to support them and also handle the current tasks being performed. So always go to the recent apps location and manually close the apps. Takes some extra seconds but saves on a lot of operating time on the phone. Mobiles on the higher side can handle multiple apps simultaneously, yet the free memory can be put to better use.

Do not use task manager/killers: 

Despite popular belief, try not to use app killers. What this does is it deletes all the data in your cache. So if you need that app once again, then the data from the app needs to be loaded up again and again thus requiring more time for the app to start and respond. So all it manages to do to increase your time and not decrease it.

Reboot your phone: 

Your phone is just like your computer. If your computer slows down, you restart your computer so that the RAM gets a clean sweep and it starts afresh again. The same is with your Android phone. So just reboot your device once a week maybe to clear out the RAM and restart all the processes so that the phone can work much faster and efficiently to its potential.

These are the top five simple ways to speed up your android phone. If your phone still does not feel fast enough for you after these, then you might want to consider shifting to a different kernel for your phone or reset your device to its factory settings. But all that is a last resort. The above mentioned ways do work, so stick to them and enjoy a faster and better android experience.

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