Latest Website Gives Free Mobile Recharge - July 2013

Hello my dear readers, I am sorry that I couldn't update this blog for a long time. Coming to point, as we all know that I have posted about free recharge sites like Pickzup, Embeepay and Ultoo previously, which are of those who work in real life, today I am going to tell you about one more such site which is most promising of all I have seen till my Internet Journey.

You might be already aware of pickzup which gives Rs 3 per referral, Ultoo which gives Rs 1 per referral only. What if a site is launched that has best of both worlds? I mean, if it pays high commission per referral and also allows you to earn money by sending SMS?

The answer is here and a new site has been launched! The name of this awesome website is LyfeTabs which means Life Tabs. In this website, you can earn credits easily and quickly for doing short tasks varying from sending SMS to creating Status Updates!

If you sign up using above link, which is having a unique code attached to it, you will instantly get Rs 5 as sign up bonus
Here are the salient features of this site:
  • Rs 10 per full referral, which is the highest paid by any site till now!
  • Earn 30 paise for every sent to your site friend or 10 paise to anyone else!
  • Allows you to invite as many friends so that you can earn without any break.
  • Many more unique features which makes this site completely different.
  • Minimum amount required to redeem as mobile recharge is just 10 Rs which you can earn by only a single referral.

Referral Rate

As I said above, the referral rate is Rs 10, but there are two conditions needed to earn this commission and these are:-
  • The referral must sign up using your unique referral link from a different computer. Spam sign up will be disapproved, so I hope you don't cheat this site.
  • The referral must complete his account by verifying E-mail address and also the mobile number, or any one of these is missing then you won't get any reward.
  • The site team will verify your referral first and then credit you points and the verification proces can take upto hours.

Earn Money by Sending SMS

As I said above, you can also earn credits by sending SMS very quickly and easily. This is a very good thing about this site and the best is that you get paid a very good amount for sending SMS. For this, you need to verify your mobile number and then start sending SMS. You will be paid 30 paise or 3 points for sending SMS to your site friends and 10 paise to your non-friends which is upto 15 times more than what Ultoo pays you :-)

Inviting New People

You can invite all your friends and family members to this amazing site and for each complete and verified referral, you will directly get Rs 10 which is the highest referral rate for any site now. After joining the site, you can invite your friends from the right sidebar. If you are having trouble in finding a direct referral link, then click on Share on Facebook and share the link with your friends and take the link then from that.

More Unique Features

Free recharge site like Ultoo had a good feature of earning money by sending SMS which was first of its kind. The problem is that the site was having captcha protection after you start sending a lot of SMS. But not in this site, as here you cane easily send SMS to your friends and they will pay you 10 paise to 33 paise depending on whom it is sent. One more thing to note that SMS can be sent only between 9 AM to 9 PM period, so as to protect the privacy of users, and you can NOT send SMS to those numbers on which DND is activated.

You also get paid for creating Status updates in this site by a rate of 33 paise per status and you can also upload your photos to earn same amount which is very easy and fun to achieve.

How to get Free Recharge

For processing your first recharge, you should have atleast 10 Rs in your account which can be earned easily by inviting only one of your dearest friend. One thing to note that this site is very strict and patient in terms of rewarding its users. So you can sometime need to wait for some hours before your referral commission is given to your LyfeTab account. After you have successfully got Rs 10 ore more in your account, then you can request a free recharge from the site. To proceed your free recharge just go to he following link and then fill all the necessary details.
Recharge from LyfeTabs

That's all I have to say about this site. People who are worried about the genuineness of this site, No need to do so as I have myself checked this site and yes it pays, but the only problem is that you have to wait for hours to get the amount credited to your mobile. I don't think it is a problem at all, because you can earn huge from this site easily but with patience!


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