Airtel GPRS Night Pack Activation & Details

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Airtel has been providing its users with Airtel Night GPRS pack which offers 400 MB of Download at Rs. 9 only but there are many questions unanswered which we will discuss in the post. I have been personally using this plan from months and I am satisfied with it as it is very affordable and great companion for downloading files and other stuffs.

Here is what this plan offers as said by Airtel:
400 MB of data usage on 2G network mode at Rs. 9 valid from 11 PM (Of same day as activation) to 6 AM (Next Day's morning)
P.S. If you are not sure then PLEASE call customer care, 198, and confirm if this plan is available in you area. I have tested this in Airtel UP West Network.

How to activate Airtel Night Plan

You can activate this plan from your mobile's balance by dialing *567*9#
Now it will ask for your confirmation, reply with 1 to confirm your request. The plan will be activated immediately, 9 Rs deduct from your main balance.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

But wait, there is definitely more that a user of this plan needs to know which I am going to explain you. There are definitely some conditions attached. For the sake of clarity, I have made an FAQ list for it.

Q: If I have any other plan activated, will data deduct from other plans too?
A: No, if you use this plan as per the permitted time.

Q: What will happen if I cross the data limit?
A: You can't. As per the download speed provided, you can at most download 300 MB of data in one night.

Q: What will happen if time limit ends?
A: After the time limit is reached, the download will continue from other pack if already activated or if not activated then your Balance will deduct. If you have zero balance then the download will show error.

Q: I activated the plan on afternoon and later on the same day I got a message from Airtel that says my plan will be deactivated tonight. WTF? Like I haven't used it yet?
A: This message means nothing, you will be able to use the plan, please read below for more information.

Q: How to check remaining MB?
A: Dial *123*31#


Airtel has lied to you for about three different things. As I have myself used this plan, I will tell you where they are lying to you!

#1. The plan is not of one night.

Wait, cheer up because you get 8 Hours and about 20 minutes of Internet usage! But Airtel said, this plan is valid for 11 PM to 6 AM? How it is of 8+ Hours?
Let me explain! Suppose you activate this plan on Monday afternoon!
1. Start using this plan from 11:00 P.M. Night and you will be able to use it for upto 6:14 A.M. morning of next day, i.e., Tuesday
2. Now you can use the remaining data on Tuesday night also :), start using this plan again at 11:00 P.M. night of Tuesday and you will be able to use it upto 12:06 A.M. of Wednesday!

#2. Crossing the limit will cost you many bucks 

Here comes a twist, suppose you have a download running of big file AND you have not other net pack activated other than this Airtel night pack. Now it keeps on downloading for the whole night, suppose you forgot to stop/pause the download and it still runs after 6 AM, THEN YOUR BALANCE WILL DEDUCT UPTO Rs. 250/-. 
So it is my advice that you use this pack at zero or minimum balance to avoid such situation. Read Tip #2 below!

Bets Tips for max utilization of this plan?

Yes, you need to read this if you want to get the most out of this plan.

1. Use UC Browser.
No I am not promoting it, in fact I have some reasons why I am recommending this.
Firstly, UC Browser supports Cloud Download, i.e., You can first download files to their server and then to your phone from their server. After that, your download will be at max speed and it will also support resuming download.
Another reason is that you can download all of your downloads one by one automatically so that you don't have to wake up whole night to start downloads and shit. Just start download of files one by one and pause them as soon as you add them. Now go to options and select start all downloads. Good Luck!

2. Activate standby plan too.
If you have got some balance left in your mobile phone then first activate a plan of minimum of two days validity. After activating this plan now activate the night plan. Now Airtel will not deduct your balance if you are not able to pause/ stop download in the morning.

3. Your mobile phone is a mobile phone. It is a better idea to connect your phone to a charger for whole night as your mobile phone's battery won't be able to run for straight 7 hours and when the battery dies, your phone, your problems!


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