Hide Files and Folders in Android

Hiding files is a known-by-all trick for Windows users. But now we all are familiar with the growing popularity of android phones so we all must know how to hide files and folders on android device.
If you try simply hiding the file in Windows and then copy it onto an android device then the file will still show up on android device because it is a different OS and hence it follows different rules.
My Hood, My Rulz Motherfuckr said Android!

Even if you hide the folder with system properties then it too will show up as usual folder.
So what is the solution for this problem?

How to Hide files on Android Phone

Basically all you need to do is follow this rule.
"Android respects folders and files whose names start with a (.) Dot."

For eg, a usual folder will be like this "Any Stupid Folder" and a hidden folder will be ".Any Stupid Folder"
And the same rule applies to files too. You can disguise your files as system ones just by adding a dot in starting of their names!

So all you need to do is rename the file or folder with a dot starting in the front of its name.

That's it for hiding files and folders but the thing which is yet to be known is how you will access them if they go hidden?

You can enable viewing hidden folders and files in different applications as follows.

Stock Files Manager of Samsung Android Phones

If you have a Samsung Android Phone then you can use the following steps to show and hide hidden files.
Firstly open My Files and then press the options key on your phone. Now tap on Settings.Now tick/untick "Show Hidden Files" as per your needs.

ES File Explorer

If you use ES file explorer then you can follow these steps to show hidden files:
Open ES File Explorer and then press options key on your phone. Now scroll down to the bottom where you will find a button for enabling show hidden files.

If you have other file manager then go to its settings and you will definitely find option for showing hidden files. Now go give it a try!

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