Install Clock Work Mod on Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S-7262

Clock Work Mod or CWM is one of the most popular custom recovery out there for Android Phones. Other than CWM we have TWRP which is Team Win Recovery project but as for now we are limiting to CWM. Toady I will show you how you can install CWM on Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S-7262.

The main purpose of installing a custom recovery is that it gives you a lot more features than the stock recovery installed on your phone by the manufacturer. The best reason is, a custom recovery like CWM allows you to flash new ROMs and files, allows you to take complete backups and lot more!

So if you want to Root your phone or if you want to Install a custom ROM for your phone, then first of all you will need to install a custom recovery.

So let us start installing CWM recovery on Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S-7262.

Here is a list of files you need beforehand to start installing CWM on your phone:

1. Samsung USB Drivers
3. The Recovery

Se lets go! Before we can start I have to tell you some formalities which start below:


By reading this article and applying methods and techniques told here on this page, you are accepting FULL responsibility for any risk and/or damage that may occur to your device either by negligence and/or misuse of the software AND acknowledge that you cannot hold the software author and/or the writer or this post liable in any way whatsoever.
If you are reading this post and continue reading then you are accepting the above stated disclaimer!

Please Note:

If you have updated your phone to the new version, then you will not be able to install CWM successfully because of the update. So please confirm that your phone's kernel and baseband version ARE DIFFERENT from mine!

Now that you have agreed with the disclaimer, let us go back to work and install CWM on your phone.

Firstly, Enable USB debugging on your phone.

To enable USB debugging, follow the steps below:
1. Go to Settings
2. Scroll down to the bottom, there you will see "Developer options"
3. Slide the top slider to enable "Developer Options" from the top. Tap on OK
4. Tick 'USB Debugging' and then tap on OK

Now your phone is in unprotected mode and ready to be fucked!

Next step is to enter Download Mode of your phone.

Remove Data cable from your phone if it is connected.
Turn of your phone completely ,i.e., wait for vibration after you switch off your phone.
Now perform this combination, carefully. If you miss any of these operation then you have to do it again.
When your phone is completely switched off, Hold the Volume Down key ,i.e., Volume -ve key. Now do not leave it, keep holding it until you are said to release it.
When you are holding the volume down key, now hold Home key ,i.e., The center button on your phone below screen. Now Hold the power key
Now when the phone will start, you will see a read exclamation mark on the top left corner.
As soon as you see the Samsung logo, you can release the keys!
Now the phone will ask for confirmation, to confirm what you are gonna do, press the volume up key once. Now you are successfully in the download mode!

Now connect Data cable to your phone and connect it to PC. Now run ODIN which you downloaded some minutes before.
Odin will now detect your phone and it will only do so when your phone's USB debugging is enabled and it is in Download mode.

When ODIN successfully detects your phone, Click on PDA button and browse for the recovery.tar.md5 file. Please note, do not browse for the archive you downloaded, browse for the file which you got after extracting the archive. When you select the file, ODIN will check it and you will get a message like this:

<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..
<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
<OSM> Please wait..
<OSM> recovery.tar.md5 is valid.
<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Successfully..
<OSM> Leave CS..

Now click on start button and let ODIN do its work!
It will now flash CWM to your phone and your phone will restart automatically. DO NOT do anything on your phone until ODIN completes its work. When your phone successfully boots up, and the recovery is installed, you will get a success message on ODIN.

So the task is complete and we have finally flashed CWM to your phone. If you are getting any error in between, please do comment! And yeah, I am not responsible for any damage to your phone that occurs in any step. Bu for the sake of assurance, I have myself tested this method and yes, it worked as a charm for me :)

How to enter into Clock Work Recovery Mode

Now that you have installed Clock Work Mod Recovery, you must be willing to go to it ASAP to check if the effort was successful!

How to Enter into Recovery

To Go to CWM, first switch off your phone completely. Now perform this combination of keys, Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key. Remember, this time its Volume Up but previously we used Volume Down to go to Download Mode. You should be rolling in the recovery now!

Thanks for reading and if you face any problem which is fixable then do comment below!


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